Our Vision

It is a great joy to radiate and to hand out. To hand out what we have, whether it is a loaf of bread or a home or a dream, and to know that someone is receiving it. (Z. Mauriņa)
Persons with special needs include people who are suffering from permanent physical, mental, intellectual or sensory impairments which, along with other obstacles, can make it difficult for them to fully and effectively participate in the social life equally with others.
In Latvia, some discrimination is still evident toward this part of the    society, and most severely it is felt by children and youth with special needs, when they are going to school or because they have not been able to socialize entirely in the society. Hence, most of them have low self-esteem and they choose to spend their free time at home, fearing that, if they socialize, they will be belittled and rejected. Despite the discrimination, there are some who want to go out and participate in activities that interest them.
The “Foundation Bridge of Chances” will provide such activities not only for children and youth, but also for adults with special needs, because here you can receive what you really need – a sense of belonging.
We are helping both young ones and adults with special needs to participate in the integration of society. For the most part, people with special needs are afraid to express their opinion. Also, our people lack information about several fields, for instance, the processes in the city, the municipality and in nongovernmental organizations.
One of the Foundation’s main goals is to develop a Social Rehabilitation and Integration Centre where we could implement social rehabilitation programs, improve social skills, create and promote meaningful daily activities in creative workshops for people with special needs. Thus, children, youth and adults with special needs could develop their hobbies and prove that they can do good things by making works of art which are occasionally being displayed in exhibitions. It is our hope that all of this will advance their integration in the society. (Lat)


Fund returns in September with provides individual psychologist consultations for free! 


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